One Year

Duke had his first birthday this past weekend. We took him camping for the holiday/his birthday. Also we learned that he does not really care for camping and that if we want to try to go again with him that we have some work to do. More on that a different day though.

Duke was very happy to be home, he passed out and cuddled with me all day long.


He was so tired that we didn’t know if he wanted to celebrate or not. We decided to get him an icy treat. He woke right up!


He got a little messy but he loved every minute of it.



We also decided to get him at treat at the pet store.



He played with it almost all night, trotted around the whole house with it in his mouth and had his tail doing the propeller wag.



He was a very happy puppy!


Happy birthday baby boy. Momma and daddy love you very much and we can’t wait to see what this next year brings us all!

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