Car Rides

Dukes dad and I have been trying to acclimate him to more things outside of the house. We’ve been doing this since we got back from the debacle we called camping over the Memorial Day/Dukes birthday weekend.

That camping weekend we learned how much Duke is attached to both Tyler and I. He would freak out when either one of us would leave to go to the out house. We didn’t realize how much we’ve been letting him lean on us to guide and rely on. We decided if we wanted to do more things with him like camping we would need to work on them and introduce them gradually. Currently we are working on car rides.

It started with just a simple trip to the store but lately Dukes been going for lots of car rides. He enjoys them so much now. He will stand at the front door once we give him the signal for car ride and wait (sometimes impatiently) until we leash him up and take him to get in the car. His favorite spot is still right in between Tyler and I with his front paws on the center council so he can look out the front window to see where exactly we are going but he does sit and lay down if it’s a longer ride. His new thing is to put his snout out the sunroof and let the wind blow through his whiskers.


It is reassuring that the work we are putting in with him is paying off because it wasn’t too long ago that he would be a big pest in the car and now he is learning that they aren’t scary and can be fun! On to the next thing with him! Possibly some leash training?!?

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