Big Boy

Duke is loving his new bed in his fully opened cage with no divider. He took a three hour nap in there with it open yesterday. He also kept waking up randomly and would walk all over the house and bark. Once I gave him the signal for no he would go lay back down in his bed and fall back asleep. I think he kept feeling our neighbor above us leave her place and since we live in a very old duplex house the vibrations woke him up from the doors shutting, he got startled and barked. I’m not sure if that’s the real reason, just a guess if mine. Either way his barks were very funny sounding and I made sure to let him know everything was ok so he could go back to sleep.


First Day of Daycare

You learn something with every new experience you have. Having a deaf dog you learn things you wouldn’t normally think of. I took Duke to his first day of dogie daycare today. When we arrived I went through how much he would need to eat and when he’d be picked up, said my goodbyes and was ready to leave. Being it was his first day I didn’t even think of explaining how or what signals we use to train him or make him do anything. To me that’s all I know and I forget sometimes that other people don’t know what we do. Luckily the woman asked me before I could leave and I went over what signals we use for him and then I left. Duke was whining when I left but I know he’ll be okay once he gets to play with the other dogs because he loves to play with anything and everyone.

After I left and was driving to work I was wondering how many other families have to worry about something like this? I know training is important for any dog but for a deaf dog you have to make sure from person to person that the signals are all the same so the dog doesn’t get confused and not obey or get confused on what they’ve been learning. When I came to this conclusion I decided I have to make a sheet of commands for Duke so when he is by family and friends everyone is on the same page an no one gets confused.

This is Duke this morning wide awake and ready to go to his first day of dogie daycare. Dad was just trying to get some


The Toy Bin. Does it help or not?

Tyler and I got Duke a bin to put his toys in. I’m still on the fence about it. I don’t know if it’s helping to keep the floor toyless or if it’s aiding in the “war zone” I like to call the living room floor. Before the bin the toys were everywhere and we could never keep track of them all. Now that we have the bin Duke likes to go in the bin and pick all of the toys out and set them on our rug so he can go from one to the next and play with all of them. He takes out the toys he barely even plays with just so they can sit with the rest of the toys on the rug. At least we know where all the toys are now.


Tv Watcher

Deaf Duke loves to watch tv. He often will get distracted when playing with toys and stop to watch the tv or chew on a bone and watch tv at the same time. He can be quite comical if there is something “good” on that he wants to watch he will by stopping dead in his tracks and sitting calmly to watch the tv or going up to the tv to try and find out where it’s all coming from. This was him the other night, he sat like this for a couple minutes just watching tv.