We Moved!

Tyler and I recently moved into a new house and Deaf Duke loves it! There is a fully fenced in yard for him to frolic and play. Duke is much more mellow because he gets to let out all of his energy and run around in the backyard. Duke also sleeps with Tyler and I in bed every night now and we’ve found that he loves to cuddle. Here are some pictures of Duke in the new house, enjoy!

He still likes to perch on the couch…


Cuddles in the morning with dad are a daily routine now…


Duke just hanging out relaxing…


Dog Park!

The weather broke for a day and we took Deaf Duke to the dog park this past weekend. He hadn’t been there in a long time since its been so cold here. It was almost like he knew where he was going.


He had a grand ole time and ran with all the dogs. He did very good and had a lot of fun and got out a lot of energy.


We are going to take him again today because the weather is supposed to be better than usual. Hope he has fun!