Velcro Dad

There’s a nickname that Deaf dogs have, it’s called a Velcro dog, meaning that the dog has a strong bond with its owner. Between Tyler and I Duke stays close to one of us depending on the situation. Last night when one of Tyler’s friends came over to visit Tyler did something pretty funny in my book.

We were in the dining area sitting around talking and enjoying some food. Tyler’s friend asked where the salt and pepper was and stood up to start to look for it because he didn’t see it on the table. Tyler soon told him where it was and when his friend didn’t hear him he proceeded to snap and wave his hand to get his attention once he looked at him he pointed to the built in we have where they were sitting on top. His friend right away asked “Did you just snap at me?” Tyler answered ahhh yeah man sorry. They shrugged it off and we just moved on with our night.

It wasn’t until this morning when I was thinking about it and realized Duke gets a very similar thing from Tyler when he is trying to get his attention. I can only sit back and laugh at the fact that I’ve linked to two things together.

When you plan to get a dog you know some parts of your day-to-day life are going to change but I can honestly say that having a deaf dog there are many more interesting things that you would never think change in your day-to-day life. Using your go to “hand signals” to grab your deaf dogs attention transitioning into your regular communication with friends being one of them.

I love Tyler and Duke very much and I am happy they have a strong bond together because I know when I am away they have each other to rely on.